The Toledo R/C Exposition Announces The End of an Era

For the Toledo Weak Signals that era lasted 65 years, longer than many of us are old. The particular feature of our era? Of course the Toledo Show, our contribution to the R/C community. That show, ingrained in our DNA as it flowed through our bloodstream. Our mantra? Always produce a quality show for our guests and exhibitors. Over that last few years we worked hard to create new excitement and new experiences for our show goers, to breathe new life into the show and to provide a quality experience. It is no secret that R/C modeler demographics, shopping methods and the way we gather information have changed forever. With these forces, acting against the show, The Toledo Weak Signals no longer feels we can produce a quality show.

We can write volumes here about the show, the wonderful memories, and close friends made, the fun ideas shared, cool events and on and on. We will leave it to you to share your experiences and memories through social media and as otherwise appropriate. Our FB page is of course Toledo Show and we look forward to reliving those amazing years through our and your wonderful memories.

Of course, we want to express a heartfelt thank you to those who made our show amazing. To our ever-loyal guests, our exhibitors, the AMA, and of course the membership of the Toledo Weak Signals.

Toledo Weak Signals pledges to continue to contribute to the R/C community, to work to keep it strong and support it in any way within our power. Our committee and our club spent many hours producing our show and we are committed to channeling those efforts right back into the hobby. Keep your eyes and ears open as our club is already planning for events and programs to support and grow our hobby.

Rick Lederman
Jim Skolmowski
Co-Directors, The Toledo Show