Swap Shop

The Swap Shop is held in the large hallway on the second floor of the SeaGate Centre. The Swap Shop is open to the general public for free and any one can purchase a table to sell items on. The tables are on a first-come first-serve basis.

Cost For a Table

  • Friday: Without electrical outlet – $25 per table | With electrical outlet – $35 per table
  • Saturday: Without electrical outlet – $25 per table | With electrical outlet – $35 per table
  • Sunday: Without electrical outlet – $10 per table | With electrical outlet – $20 per table

Swap Shop Policies & Rules

  • Dealers are Welcome to purchase tables.
  • No Fuel is allowed In The Seagate Centre
  • The Summit Street doors to the Seagate Centers will be unlocked Wednesday evening and Thursday morning allowing those wanting a table in the Swap Shop to wait indoors.
  • Tables will not be available until 6:30 am Thursday. All hallway tables and tables inside the meeting rooms will not be available for use until Thursday at 6:30am.
  • Swap shoppers will not be allowed access to the SeaGate Centre or catwalk for the purposes of moving in equipment, claiming spaces or sleeping prior to Thursday, at 6:30am.
  • Swap shoppers will be allowed to form lines at the bottom of the escalator, Bottom of the stairs at the Jefferson entrance, and the elevator located between the Jefferson stairs and the escalator.
  • On Thursday, at 6:30am., the Swap Shop area will be opened; hallway tables and meeting room tables may be claimed/set-up at that time.
  • Anyone attempting to claim tables prior to Thursday at 6:30am. will be asked to leave the premises of the SeaGate Convention Centre (Including the catwalk).
  • The swap shopper must be physically at the table to claim it. You are not allowed to claim a table by putting your name on it to come back to later or having some one else run ahead to put your name on it or claim it. Any one caught doing this will be asked to give up the table.

Security & Public Access

  • This area is open to the general public 24hrs a day, you are solely responsible for any theft of your goods.
  • Toledo Show does not provide security for the swap shop area.
  • The Weak Signals and the SeaGate Centre will not be responsible for goods lost or stolen!

Table Policy

  • If you leave anything overnight at your table, you must be at your table by 8:00 am. the following morning. If not, we will remove your goods and give your table to another person, if need be.
  • Do not tape anything to the walls and do not move any tables. This layout is approved by the Fire Marshall and must be adhered to. Therefore, any tables moved by yourself could result in you being asked to leave.

Promoting other events though the distribution or display of handouts, fliers, or signs other than those explicitly approved in writing by a Weak Signals Exposition Co-Director are not allowed.

The Expo management reserves the right to remove anyone not adhering to the above policy!